(Mission Statement) #Goals

Our primary and only goal here at LB is to Shape, Inform and Empower the future of Women in Cannabis.

As of November 2017 a multitude of in-depth statistics, surveys and evaluations had determined, and made safe to conclude, that 33.5% of the female population aged 18 and older are currently using marijuana; (20.8% are ages 18 to 25 and 12.7% are women aged 26 and older). Whether it was inhaled absorbed or applied topically, 33.5% of the female population uses marijuana!! And that’s not even including women entrepreneurs and business owners within the cannabis industry.

As a woman and mother raising women, whom might I add, also love women, are ages 18 & 20, and have already consumed marijuana.

I feel like it is safe to say. Why not LezBlough!?!

So without further ado, I would like to welcome you to LezBloughs’ — T Hezzys Post and our blog platform Table. Which is and will alway be exactly that…..

A space where we will broadcast, promote, advocate, and support, to the moon and back, what women in the cannabis industry are doing and bringing to the Table.

We hope you Enjoy!! Now #LezBlough

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